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What’s all this then?

My name is Charlie Harvey and this is my website. I like computer geekery, drinking cider and trying to overthrow capitalism. I seem to be doing rather better with the first two.

Sometimes I make things like the Daily Mail story generator, sometimes I blog and sometimes I just stare blankly into space.

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Recent blogs

  • Servant: REST APIs as types

    Servant: REST APIs as types cover image

    In recent months, have been slowly working my way through Brian P. Hogan’s 57 Exercises for Programmers in Haskell in my lunch breaks and on bus journeys. You can see the github repo if you’re interested.As I work my way through the exercises, I have been trying to use idiomatic Hask

  • The pipeline operator

    The pipeline operator cover image

    One of the cool things about the Elixir language is that you can string functions together from left to right using the so-called pipeline operator |>. I was thinking about it this morning after reading this comment from taylorfausak on reddit. Why flip everything around like that? Write expr

  • July 2016 Reading

    July 2016 Reading cover image

    An Oxfam treat, this. Sławomir Mrożek’s 1957 collection of ultra-short stories are bizarre and compelling. From elephants made from rubber to save money, to a world of tiny people that live in a drawer, Mrożek is satirical and surreal

  • June 2016 reading

    June 2016 reading cover image

    Eco is brilliant, and I think this is one of his most enthralling novels since Foucault's Pendulum. As in that book, conspiracies abound — freemasons, jesuits, that sort of thing — though this time in nineteenth century Europe. How

  • The foundational questions that inspire computer languages

    The foundational questions that inspire computer languages cover image

    I came across a very amusing image the other day, dealing with the questions that various popular programming languages seek to answer. There is a nice thread on reddit with some extra suggestions to include in the list too.Here is a transcription.Python: What if everything was a dict?Java:

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