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What’s all this then?

My name is Charlie Harvey and this is my website. I like computer geekery, drinking cider and trying to overthrow capitalism. I seem to be doing rather better with the first two.

Sometimes I make things like the Daily Mail story generator, sometimes I blog and sometimes I just stare blankly into space.

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  • A spot of immersive storytelling

    A spot of immersive storytelling cover image

    Yesterday marked the launch of one of New Internationalist's first multimedia immersive long-form pieces, Smoke and Mirrors. Cooking smoke is responsible for a staggering amount of deaths in the world — more than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined. Not only that, the need for wood c

  • March-May Reading

    March-May Reading cover image

    Doctorow is both an entertaining author and very much on the right (by which I mean left/anarchist) side of politics. His futuristic utopia is set in a world where people are kept artificially poor in the midst of post scarcity merely to keep the capit

  • TwatBegone: A much nicer twitter

    TwatBegone: A much nicer twitter cover image

    A while ago, my buddy Oxguin was thinking about the blocking on Twitter, specifically because of Donald Trump. What happens, you see, is that when Trump says something twattish, as he is wont to do, all the non-twattish people on Twitter start telling him how much of a twat he is for saying it.

  • The authentic, hand-curated Hipster menu crafter

    The authentic, hand-curated Hipster menu crafter cover image

    Since the world, or at least the UK, seems to have decided to Gastrate all its pubs and the hipsters have taken over even once proudly grim local boozers, it seemed important to invent a tool to generate hipster menu items. And it should be written in vintage javascript, of course.So let me pres

  • January/February 2017 Reading

    January/February 2017 Reading cover image

    Bruce Sterling is that other cyberpunk author. He is back to writing counterfactual alternative histories examining what may have been had things just happened to turn out slightly differently (cf. steampunk bible and Victorian romp The Differen

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