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What’s all this then?

My name is Charlie Harvey and this is my website. I like computer geekery, drinking cider and trying to overthrow capitalism. I seem to be doing rather better with the first two.

Sometimes I make things like the Daily Mail story generator, sometimes I blog and sometimes I just stare blankly into space.

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  • October 2016 Reading

    October 2016 Reading cover image

    Blood Meridian (or The Evening Redness in the West) is a sort of literary slasher set in a mythical version of the Old West. If you can get past the grisly ultraviolence and cast of socio/psychopathic characters, there is a powerful story and

  • Using Tor for apt package management on Debian

    Using Tor for apt package management on Debian cover image

    Recently, the Debian project announced that they intend to make more of their services available as Tor hidden services. They have added a new package to the repositories making it easy to use Tor hidden services when using apt to upgrade packages.Tor is software that allows better anonymity when

  • September 2016 reading

    September 2016 reading cover image

    I can’t resist a bargain. Paying 60p for a book with a 1 pound sticker on the front does, I believe, constitute a bargain. The text, dating from 1990 is actually a pretty solid PL introduction and fairly compre

  • August 2016 Reading

    August 2016 Reading cover image

    I have wanted to read some of DFW’s stuff ever since sending one of my blog posts through I Write Like and discovering that our styles were statistically similar. Having read this collection of essays, I am rather chuffed at the

  • FLOSSUK Reviews: ES6 and MySQL/MariaDB

    FLOSSUK Reviews: ES6 and MySQL/MariaDB cover image

    Back in May, FLOSSUK published a couple of reviews that I had written in their newsletter. Reviewing books is a pleasant way to expand one’s technical horizons, especially for a confirmed bibliophile like me.The books I reviewed were You don’t know JS: ES 6 and Beyond, by Kyle Simpson

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