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My name is Charlie Harvey and this is my website. I like computer geekery, drinking cider and trying to overthrow capitalism. I seem to be doing rather better with the first two.

Sometimes I make things like the Daily Mail story generator, sometimes I blog and sometimes I just stare blankly into space.

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  • February 2016 reading

    February 2016 reading cover image

    A collection of various stuff that Stephenson has written including some very cyberpunk short stories, essays from Wired and a couple of interviews. The largest piece, Mother Earth, mother board is the utterly enthralling story of undersea cables,

  • January 2016 Reading

    January 2016 Reading cover image

    A genuinely disturbing account of the mendacity of French and British politicians and how they bullied, lied and backstabbed their way through 50 years of imperialism in the Middle Eas

  • December 2015 Reading

    December 2015 Reading cover image

    I don’t read nearly enough entertaining essays and short pieces of writing. That is what I felt after reading Crosley’s at times laugh-out-loud funny collection of autobiographical writing on everything from visiting Port

  • Why sum and product types?

    Why sum and product types? cover image

    When reasoning about functional types it sometimes helps to take a step away from the compiler and delvelop some informal intuitions about why things work the way that they do.When I read about algebraic data types they seemed rather complex notions. Algebraic data types, I discovered from wikiped

  • Seven More Languages: miniKanren day two

    Seven More Languages: miniKanren day two cover image

    Day two of MiniKanren starts by covering matching with matche which is a macro that allows you to do common matching operations with less boilerplate.But of course once you start down that route you are going to want to be able to lose the boilerplate from your whole function definition. That̵

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