Charlie Harvey

Online morse code translator. With sound. Using the web audio API.

morse key

Today’s project is this tool, which translates to and from morse code. In my version of morse code I introduce the _ to stand for a space between words. Characters are separated by a space. Try typing something in alphanumerics first.


The genesis of the online morse code translator

I have been a bit obsessed with morse code of late. But this morning nor suggested that I build a web front end for the morse.hs and I’m a sucker for a challenge.

online morse code translator image

Like with any good challenge, I cheated a bit. This is technically a translation of the morse code translator tool into javascript. And I use the Web Audio API. So the audio won’t work unless you’re running Chromium, Chrome, Opera or Firefox 25+.

The translation took most of an evening. Including the bit where my drive decided to remount itself readonly half way through an aptitude upgrade. But that, friends, is another story.

Philmore morse practice set image from Joe Haupt, used under creative commons licence. Morse key image from wikipedia courtesy of Lou Sadler, public domain.


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