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What’s all this then?

My name is Charlie Harvey and this is my website. I like computer geekery, drinking cider and trying to overthrow capitalism. I seem to be doing rather better with the first two.

Sometimes I make things like the Daily Mail story generator, sometimes I blog and sometimes I just stare blankly into space.

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  • Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder

    Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder cover image

    It has been a while since my last cider review. Serendipitously one of my colleagues bought in a bottle of Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder for me to sample this week. It is seldom the case that I am known to turn down an opportunity to drink some cider

  • House of the Commons

    House of the Commons cover image

    This week’s voluntary web project was helping the folks from House of the Commons with their wordpress site. House of the Commons is a four day event organised by citizens, activists and housing professionals concerned with the UK housing crisis, specifically focusing on Oxfor

  • Winter Hacktionlab 2014

    Winter Hacktionlab 2014 cover image

    Very exciting news this. There is going to be a (an?) Hacktionlab this winter once more. As often happens the event will be held at Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club — one of the longest running Anarchist social spaces in the UK. This year we will all no doubt raise a glass to our fallen comra

  • The simplest cleaning rota that could possibly work. Haskell edition

    The simplest cleaning rota that could possibly work. Haskell edition cover image

    Living in a shared house can sometimes be troublesome; people have different living habits that can conflict with our own. In my house we recently agreed to start a cleaning rota to make sure that we were all doing our bit. The administrative overhead of a rota can be a pain, so I implemented a

  • September 2014 Reading

    September 2014 Reading cover image

    The World Until Yesterday, by Jared Diamond Diamond’s epic look at what we might learn from how non-state traditional societies work. I am not well enough read in anthropology to be able to critique Diamond fairly, but to an amate

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