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Comment Guidelines

I love reading people's thoughts about my meanderings and discussing their ideas, that's why I made a comments system. Unfortunately, some folks on the interwebs insist on wasting all our bandwidth with irrelevent, abusive or spammy comments. So, before you post it's worth me being up front and telling you that I will delete comments which I feel don't fit in with this simple set of principles. That probably won't happen cos you are a nice person, right? But its good to be open so we all know where we stand.

You should read the section on comments in my Privacy Statement if you have concerns about how the information you provide is used, the main one is that I forward your IP address to akismet and botscout to check that you aren't a spambot.

In detail

  • Respectfulness. Be respectful of others when posting. Abuse, sexism, racism, discrimination based on physical or mental characteristics, disclosing private information and personal attacks will get you deleted.
  • Spam. I am anti-capitalist and favour non-hierarchical, anarchist organising. I will delete posts whose main purpose is advertising commmercial products or hierarchical political organisations. I will delete anything that looks like spam to me.
  • Copyright. I can't host copyrighted material from other sites unless its under a licence that supports such use.
  • Verbosity. There is a hard 2500 character limit on comments. Your masterpiece will be truncated if it is longer.
  • Brevity. I’ve reluctantly imposed a 140 character minimum comment length. You may want to send shorter stuff to Twitter or Statusnet!
  • Relevance Stay on topic. I’ll delete posts that are obviously not related to the discussion.
  • Reposts. I might tolerate reposts of things from elsewhere on the web if:
    • The repost is under a licence which permits noncommercial reuse and editing.
    • The repost is relevant to the comment thread.
    • You have taken the time to edit the and explain the relevance of the repost.
  • Sockpuppets. I allow anonymous posting. But don't start pretending to be lots of people who agree with your point of view (sockpuppets). It leads to a boring conversation. Who wants to talk to themselves?
  • Pre Moderation I don't pre moderate, so don't blame me for things you see in the comments. They'll probably get deleted at some point, it depends on what else is going on in my life.
  • Whinging Don't whinge that I’m censoring you if I delete one of your comments. You are welcome to set up your own website and say whatever you like there. That doesn't mean that I should provide a platform for your views if I disagree with them. You can object if you like, though I probably won't read your objection unless you phrase it politely and respectfully.

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  • Be respectful. You may want to read the comment guidelines before posting.
  • You can use Markdown syntax to format your comments. You can only use level 5 and 6 headings.
  • You can add class="your language" to code blocks to help highlight.js highlight them correctly.

Privacy note: This form will forward your IP address, user agent and referrer to the Akismet, StopForumSpam and Botscout spam filtering services. I don’t log these details. Those services will. I do log everything you type into the form. Full privacy statement.