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Vegan Mushroom, Tofu, and Sweetcorn Pie

This is a winter dish that’s perfect for consuming while lying round on the sofa watching crap movies on a foggy day. The main tricks are shoving in a load of tarragon, and also a little bit of tahini to thicken up the sauce. I served it up with some steamed red and green cabbage. If you don’t like cabbage then peas or something would probably be good.

Vegan Mushroom, Tofu, and Sweetcorn Pie Ingredients

  • 500g Mushrooms
  • 500g Tofu, squished up
  • 1 biggish onion
  • 2cloves Garlic
  • 1pint Stock, ideally with a couple of shitake mushrooms in it.
  • 1 handful sweetcorn
  • 2 teaspoons tarragon
  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • 1 sheet jus roll pastry
Charlie’s Vegan Mushroom Tofu Tarragon Sweetcorn pie


  • First off, just to let you know I’m a bit of a pie slacker. I tend to bung the pastry on the top, rather than making a proper all round sort of pie. I guess you can adapt this to taste. That’s all.
  • Start off by preheating the oven. About half way should do it. Or more if your oven is shit like mine is.
  • Have your stock ready to go. I like to put a couple of shitake mushrooms in it cos they are lush.
  • Fry up your onion in a pot (not a frying pan unless its massive) until its going brown, then chuck the garlics in.
  • Prepare your ’shrooms how you like the best. Me, I just break them up into bits. Throw them in the frying pan.
  • When the mushrooms have shrunk a bit and gone shiny, throw in your tofu. Some people like to cube it, but squished does it for me. I think I just like squishing stuff.
  • You’ll need to throw in the stock and the tarragon now, and leave it to simmer for a bit. Oh and stir in the tahini too. That ought to make the sauce thicken up. If not you can put a bit more in.
  • Right. While that's simmering roll out your jus-roll so that its big enough to cover a big oven dish. That's going to be yer pie. If the pastry is frozen zap it in the microwave.
  • Over at the simmery pan, chuck in the sweetcorn, then tip it into the oven dish. Flop the pastry over the mushroomy, tarragony, tofu-ey filling, stab a couple of escape valves into it and chuck it into the oven for about as long as it takes to do something on the internet. Like probably half an hour or something like that. Just have a peek every now and then until it looks done. Then its done.

Serve it up with some veggies and maybe a little cider. I had it with grapefruit juice cos I had some "important reading" to do.

Further details

Makes enough for 4 people.

It should take about 60 min to prepare (allowing for a bit of faff time)

Posted: 2011-11-20 by Charlie.


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