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  • The New Microsoft Logo and the Death of the PC

    tl;dr — Microsoft doomed; I don’t care about their new logo; Apple will be our new corporate masters I was reading the Hacker News a couple of weeks back and someone had posted a story from the Seattle Times that said that Microsoft had gained a new logo for the first time since 19

  • Vegan Recipe — Spicy fried soya mince

    Vegan Recipe — Spicy fried soya mince cover image

    This is a simple recipe that is good for when you want a protein boost. I like to eat it for breakfast. The spiciness counteracts the energy density so that you don’t nod off right after eating it.50g(1.8oz) Soya mince200ml(7fl oz) Wa

  • September 2012 Reading

    A beautifully acerbic take on the compulsory positivity that has overtaken American and, indeed Global, society over the last decades. Ehrenreich investigates the history of the phenomenon and the Stalinist way in which we are expected to police our ne

  • Review — Mays Cider Number One

    I picked up this bottle in my local co-op on a cidery whim (which I believe are the best sort of whims to have). The Amazing Cider company appear to have directed their URL into the void, or at least their registrar have made a bit of

  • Review — Brook Farm Cider

    I learned an important lesson yesterday. It turns out that drinking a couple of pints of Brook Farm Cider makes understanding the mathematical writings of Gottlob Frege pretty much impossible. Who would have imagined it. Not me.Drink with ca

  • Getting a later GHC/Haskell platform on Squeeze from Sid

    I have, of late, been learning Haskell following my experience of it in my Seven Languages In Seven Weeks adventure. Now, I normally learn stuff from books, but browsing through Hacker News a while back, I spotted Rein Henrichs’s new series of Haskell Live tutorials. I decided to follow along

  • Review — Mahorall Farm Cider

    Back to almost traditional cider country this time, with a Shropshire cider from Mahorall Farm Cider. The King-Turner family have been making cider since the turn of the century. I had a crack at the Dry Sparklling incarnation on a sunny August day.The cider packs a