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Review — Mays Cider Number One

Mays Cider Number One from the Amazing Cider company

bottle of mays cider number one by the amazing cider company with a red background behind it

I picked up this bottle in my local co-op on a cidery whim (which I believe are the best sort of whims to have). The Amazing Cider company appear to have directed their URL into the void, or at least their registrar have made a bit of a balls up, so the related link is unfortunately of no use as of 28 August 2012.

I’m a bit troubled to learn from the side of the bottle that the Mays is a single variety cider made with Bramleys. Now, lovely as the Bramley apple is, one could never call it a cider apple. And I immediately begin to speculat that without some nice Dabinett or Brown Snout bittersweetness or a cheeky bit of foxwhelp sharpness I’m in for a bit of a one-dimensional ride.

And that is what I get. This stuff is sweet. For me, too sweet. There’s no special complexity, just a consistent, soft and fizzily predictable gluggability. That isn’t to say this is bad. Not by any stretch. It knocks Strongbow into a cocked hat. I just have a preference for farmier ciders rather than Summerier ones.

If you like bright ciders, light and sweet and easy to drink over ice, this is the sort of thing you should try. The fact that they care enough to mark it as vegan is a plus too. For me, though, this is too simple and above all too sweet to rock my world.

2012-08-28 by Charlie Harvey


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