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  • A day at IP Expo 2014

    A day at IP Expo 2014 cover image

    I recently attended the first day of IP Expo 2014, mostly because of the co-hosted Cyber security event that was happening concurrently, but also to see Tim Berners-Lee talk. And to browse the stalls a bit.The last time I was anywhere near London’s Excel centre, where the event takes place,

  • Video: What is internet? (1994)

    I have a thing about old clips non-technical folks talking about the intertubes. Witness, for example The Kids Guide to the Internet from 1997. Here is a great piece from the archives circa 1994. I love the idea that @ is the about symbol. And that you don’7 need a phone line to

  • Font of the month: Inconsolata

    Font of the month: Inconsolata cover image

    Doing IT and programming for a living means that I look at a lot of monospaced text. Recently I decided to look for a font to replace the trusty Bitstream Vera Mono that I have been using for several years. I found the humanist sans-serif Inconsolata font by Raph Levien, which had been recommende

  • Browser tabs are not a do-list

    Browser tabs are not a do-list cover image

    Today, something of a rant. Or at least a reminder to myself not to do something that I do all too often. You see, I keep tabs open in my browser. Sometimes for weeks on end. Why, I don’t know, at least on a rational level. Whenever I try to close a tab, I get an overpowering sense of panic.

  • Making nor’s shop with simplecart.js

    Making nor’s shop with simplecart.js cover image

    A couple of weeks back I helped nor to set up a shop to sell her beautiful handmade cards - you should definitely have a look. I used simplecart.js to add the cart to a view in her Drupal 7 site. Simplecart.js is a very minimalist e-commerce tool that I have wanted to play round with for a

  • Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder

    Review — Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder cover image

    It has been a while since my last cider review. Serendipitously one of my colleagues bought in a bottle of Rogers’ Hedgelayer Cyder for me to sample this week. It is seldom the case that I am known to turn down an opportunity to drink some cider, let this be n excepption to that

  • House of the Commons

    House of the Commons cover image

    This week’s voluntary web project was helping the folks from House of the Commons with their wordpress site. House of the Commons is a four day event organised by citizens, activists and housing professionals concerned with the UK housing crisis, specifically focusing on Oxford, but

  • Winter Hacktionlab 2014

    Winter Hacktionlab 2014 cover image

    Very exciting news this. There is going to be a (an?) Hacktionlab this winter once more. As often happens the event will be held at Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club — one of the longest running Anarchist social spaces in the UK. This year we will all no doubt raise a glass to our fallen comrad