Charlie Harvey

3. 6th Sept. Lookin’ A Twat

RE: Prime Minister

Hey Gordy,

I just got your "Look at me, I’m Gordon Brown, wahey!" leaflet from my local MP, Andy "Pandy" Smith. You wanna watch that one by the way - he voted against Trident not long ago. I think he may be one of those free-thinking anarchists like at the climate camp. Anyhow, at least he's towed the line on every single other thing that Nu Labour has ever done so he must be in fairly deep cover if he is a subversive.

Anyhow, just to let you know that I think you may have shot yourself in the foot a little. I mean, come on it makes you look like a right twat. You don't really speak in platitudes, half-truths, cliches, self-contradictions and lies do you?

Hey, any news on my cabinet appointment yet? I’ve been picking out ties which I think would look good in the House.

One final thing, Gordy-poos. One of my mates thinks you dye your hair grey at the sides to make you look less interesting. Can it be true?

Love Always,


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