Charlie Harvey

November 2015 Reading

  • Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland

    Cakes, Custard and Category Theory (cover image)

    I have been learning category theory in a sort of informal, slow way for a coule of years now. Eugenia Cheng’s intro is a book that I wish I had read before I started. The food metaphor s a bit cheesy (heh) but works surprisingly well for many areas of maths. I sort of wish that the book had gone in to a bit more category theory rather than having quite so much material about maths more generally, but still one of the best popular science (well, popular maths, I suppose) books that I have read.

    2015-11-26 by Charlie Harvey

  • Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland

    Worst Person Ever by Douglas Coupland (cover image)

    In this novel, Coupland tells the tale of raymond Gund — a horrible, misogynistic, self-centred and thoroughly unpleasant man. He plays the unlikeability for laughs and Worst.Person.Ever. is a very funny in a disturbing way. Entertaining.

    2015-11-16 by Charlie Harvey

  • Security Engineering by Ross Anderson

    Security Engineering by Ross Anderson (cover image)

    I have been reading Anderson’s massive tome for quite some time and learning a lot from it. It is encyclopaedic in its coverage of topics of interest to a security engineer — everything from locks to smartcards and from crypto to tamper resistance. Anderson’s prose is entertaining and the text is peppered with stories from the trenches. After I have finished the PDF I will probably even get a paper copy!

    2015-11-16 by Charlie Harvey


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