Charlie Harvey

October 2015 Reading

  • Seven Eves, by Neil Stephenson

    Seven Eves by Neil Stephenson (cover image)

    It is painfully late in the month to be posting my first review. Which is not to say that I haven’t been reading a lot; I have a few massive books on the go. Seven Eves was a gigantic book in every sense. In the 3 parts of the story, Stephenson deals with the destrustion of the Earth, building a society in space and how that society might look after 5000 years. He tells the story of the moon's destruction, mankinds subsequent flight to space (which is peopled by ethnically diverse overachievers) and eventual return to Earth. This is fantastically geeky, hard sci-fi at its finest. I would expect nothing less from Stephenson who has been called the hacker Hemingway.

    2015-10-24 by Charlie Harvey


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