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2014 Reading

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  • December 2014 Reading

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    This was a fantastic book. It very much reminded me of Dostoyevsky. The basic plot is about a mathemetician who is on the verge of making a theoretical breakthrough. Suddenly all sorts of distractions appear in his life, and it is the s

  • November 2014 Reading

    Given that this is a book from Yale University press, I would have expected it to be more scholarly, by which I mean I suppose hard to read. As it turns out it is a lightweight, very readable romp through Goldman’s lif

  • October 2014 Reading

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    I had been meaning to pick up Silver’s paean to the virtues of Bayesian statistics for some time and found it on discount at WHSmiths. It is thoroughly entertaining and manages to hop from baseball stats to climate change, poker and globa

  • September 2014 Reading

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    Diamond’s epic look at what we might learn from how non-state traditional societies work. I am not well enough read in anthropology to be able to critique Diamond fairly, but to an amateur it sometimes seems a little reductionist. Neve

  • August 2014 Reading

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    I am an huge Charles Stross fan. So when I saw the latest installment of the Laundry series in Blackwells, I had to pick it up. The story's hero is an applied computational demonologist in the bureaucratic laundry, a division of the secret service

  • July 2014 Reading

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    Certainly an antidote to the Entertainment Economy, this is a story of McMillan’s experience of the run up to and events of the occupy period of politics a few years back. She muses on stratgey, movement building and su

  • June 2014 Reading

    A patient, detailed and sometimes dryly witty deconstruction of some of the nonsense that is sometimes talked by paleo-fantasists. Zuk looks at the emerging and extant knowledge in the field of evolutionary biology (and sometimes anthropology too). She pos

  • May 2014 Reading

    Gerrard Winstanley has become, in recent years, a revered figure on the left, especially in anarcho and socialist circles. Gurney charts his life, contributions and how those contributions have been interpreted in a

  • April 2014 Reading

    Bernays was Freud’s nephew and one of the earliest developers of the Public Relations industry as we now know it. The book is, of course, disturbing but it is also eerily prescient talking about thought leaders being able to use their influence to ch

  • March 2014 Reading

    A late 90s reading of Wired, examining the sexist and racist agenda of the magazine and the larger digital elite for whom Wired became a bible. Despite the book's age, its critique of Wire