Charlie Harvey

April 2014 Reading

  • Propaganda, by Edward Bernays

    Bernays was Freud’s nephew and one of the earliest developers of the Public Relations industry as we now know it. The book is, of course, disturbing but it is also eerily prescient talking about thought leaders being able to use their influence to change group behavoiurs in material that could be from a "how to use social media" article. Bernays was I thinnk trying both to explain how propaganda was not in fact an negative social force, whilst at the same time marketing his propagandist credentials to potential custmers.

    2014-03-31 by Charlie Harvey
  • Python Web Development with Django

    As a long-time perl geek I recognize that Pythonists are my mortal enemy (heh). So of course I wanted to learn a little about their flagship web framework (and more than worhty Rails competitor) Django. The book is very thorough and doesn't stop at detailing the framework, but takes you through just enough Python to understand what is going on. To be honest I would have been happy with less detail, though I imagine this would not be the case were I to want to make something out of Django.

    2014-03-31 by Charlie Harvey


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