Charlie Harvey

July 2014 Reading

  • The beginning of the American Fall, by Stephanie McMillan

    Cover of Beginning of American fall

    Certainly an antidote to the Entertainment Economy, this is a story of McMillan’s experience of the run up to and events of the "occupy" period of politics a few years back. She muses on stratgey, movement building and such in cartoon format. Nice. I don’t tend to link to books that aren’t freely downloadable, but given that it is explicitly anti-capitalist, you can buy The Beginning of the American Fall from 7 stories press.

    2014-07-12 by Charlie Harvey
  • The Entertainment Economy, by Michael J. Wolf

    Cover of Entertainment economy

    Hindsight is a funny thing. This book hails from the late nineties when TV still reigned supreme, and the internet economy was still in its infancy. It is very much a business/capitalist orientated book (I just picked it up on spec). In articular I found the notion that egotistical moguls were a necessary part of running a successful media business profoundy depressing and (though I have no peer reviewed research to point to) I suspect problematic. Wouldn’t read again.

    2014-07-12 by Charlie Harvey


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