Charlie Harvey

November 2014 Reading

  • Emma Goldman: Revolution as a way of Life, by Vivian Gornick

    Cover of Revolution as a Way of Life

    Given that this is a book from Yale University press, I would have expected it to be more scholarly, by which I mean I suppose hard to read. As it turns out it is a lightweight, very readable romp through Goldman’s life covering a lot of the material in Goldman’s Living My Life but from a perspective that seemed politically and narratively confused. Entertaining but not enlightening.

    2014-11-20 by Charlie Harvey
  • The Very Short Introductions Blog Book, by Various

    Cover of The VSI blog book

    I picked this up at the OUP shop in Oxford. Mostly because it was free. It is a nice collection of some of the best posts from the VSI blog. Articles on a range of topics including history, science, religion, law, philosophy, business and art. It is pretty entertaining and perhaps nicer to read off paper than a screen.

    2014-11-24 by Charlie Harvey


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