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Review — Westons Scrumpy Cloudy Cider

Westons Scrumpy Cloudy Cider At Dinner With Friends

Westons Scrumpy Cloudy Cider In a Fuck Off Bug Cider Flagon

Regular readers will know that I am a bg scrumpy fan. Like massive. So when I chanced upon a fuck-off 2 litre flagon of Westons Scrumpy in my local co-op supermarket, I obviously forgot all about buying brocolli or whatever it was that had bought me storewards in the first place and got me some scrumpy. The occasion for imbibement of said scrumpy was a meal where nine of us would be munching mega lush vegan splodge.

Yes, that's right. Vegan splodge. On the subject of veganness I have to give mega props to Westons for actually labelling their cider vegan. I’m not precious about my veganism where booze is concerned. But many people are. And anyhow, it feels very good to know that you're getting muntered without animal exploitation. That's a plus one.

This isn't a cider for the faint-hearted. At 7.5% ABV, drinking a single pint would put you over the Recommended daily alcohol amount for men (4 units, Westons Scrumpy has 4.2 units per pint). On this occasion I decided to be all interpid and that, and I disobeyed the government. In fact, I finished the bottle. I can certify that this cider will make you slur your words, even whilst convincing you of their incomparable brilliance.

For scrumpy its pretty smooth, doubtless due to being aged in oak barrels. Its veering towards bittersharp; I’m guessing there's some Kingston Black apples in there, but its softer and less rough (and less sharp) than much of the proper West Country stuff. We're in still, orange territory; like an autumn sunrise. The lack of bubbles makes for a much lighter cider than you would expect given the ABV. It definitely needed the accompaniement of robust flavours -- vegan splodge packed with paprika, cumin and coriander did the trick in that respect.

Now, there is no mention of "Scrumpy Cloudy Cider" on the Westons website, so I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be a batch of rebadged Old Rosie. Its certainly very similar in character and taste. The main difference is a slight upping of the booze content, a little less tannin and a colour more orangey than the yellow/golden haze of Old Rosie.

Well, after a flagonsworth I had that familiar cidery euphoria and proceeded to chat shit late into the night as is my wont. Good stuff. Get yerself some.

2011-03-17 by Charlie Harvey


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