Charlie Harvey


Westons - Recommended (Drink with care).

Hi, seems I'm a few years late with this but I was slumped in a corner after drinking a flagon and have just woken. This is my fav cider of all-time, save Kent's Biddenden's. This is not, thank goodness, Old Rosie - that is sweeter and lower alochol (a mere 6.8%). In fact, I don't like Old Rosie much.

Mind you, if you want to stay with Weston's for that full-blotto effect, try Henry Weston's at 8.5%! But that's not what I'm about - anyone seen the room? Yes, sorry, well drunk as a newt, oops, sorry drunk as a connoisseur would, this cider is superb.

It is not easy to find - many supermarkets no longer sell it but Amazon does - NB beware of rip-off merchants: check the price carefully. Today (July, 2020) a pack of 3 x 2-Litre mini flagons is £16 with free next-day delivery. That is not a bad price at all but watch out for the rip-off people selling (say) one for £16 etc.

Joking aside, please respect the high alochol level - and the drink. This is a drink to be savoured; to be enjoyed. It is not cheap but is excellent. Drink it almost like wine, rather than beer but, by gum! it goes well with a ploughman's lunch. Cheers.