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  • Review — The Governor Cider

    I have to admit that I was sceptical about a cider branded with the name of a celebrity chef. I picked the bottle up at a little after 9 AM in my local co-op on a bit of a whim to be honest. But, reading the label I saw that it wa

  • August 2012 Reading

    Oh man. I am clearly going to look like a Charlie Stross fanboy. It ain’t every day you see a new Laundry novel in Blackwells though is it? So, dear reader, I bought it. Loved it. The bastard spawn of HP Lovecraft, Douglas Adams and Ian Flemi

  • July 2012 Reading

    I am a big fan of the Introducing series. If you want to get your head around some topic in a general way without too much detail they are perfect. The Fractals book is pretty much what yo

  • Copying videos off Vimeo with bash

    A lot of video people are hosting on Vimeo these days, it seems well featured reliable and fast, and it doen’t have quite the same psychotically disordered commenting culture as has developed at youtube. However, though there is good stuff to watch on there, not every video uploaded has

  • Tip: Blocking spam with iptables on GNU/Linux

    Spam is a constant problem for me as a sys admin. Even after greylisting and denyhosts and fail2banning I still find myself wanting to deny access to the occasional ip address. The project iptables provides a pretty nice firewall for the Linux kernel. I often forget the syntax an

  • June 2012 Reading

    Mark Thomas somehow manages to combine cheekiness with right on politics, and humour without ending up sounding preachy. This story of rambling round the entire Israeli is a mix of the tragic, horrendous and baffl

  • Bash Tip: Remove a line from middle of file

    This is a thing that I’ve wanted to do for ages, and it came up for me during this week'd episode of Hak5, which I am getting to be a big fan of by the way. The material under discussion was what to do when one of your known hosts changes. Darren was saying he was a bit slack and just did a