Charlie Harvey

June 2012 Reading

  • Extreme Rambling, Walking Israel’s barrier. For fun. By Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas somehow manages to combine cheekiness with right on politics, and humour without ending up sounding preachy. This story of rambling round the entire Israeli is a mix of the tragic, horrendous and baffling. Perhaps not one of his funniest, but definitely worth a read if you want to learn more about the situation on the ground.

    2012-06-24 by Charlie Harvey
  • Inkscape: Guide to a Vector Drawing Program, by Tavmjong Bah

    This is basically a printed version of this inkscape manual. I ummed and ahhed before buying, not least because of its large page size. It is reasonably well written, so far as a series of tutorials, but I did find some important details missing as I worked my way through. "Select multiple elements", I found myself wondering, "OK, how do I do that?" The internet eventually furnished my answer, it would have been nice if the tute had. Mind you its nice to be doing some non-programming learning so watch this space.

    2012-06-24 by Charlie Harvey
  • Does Writing have a future by Vilém Flusser

    I loved Flusser's accessible brief essays that build on each other. Some of his media theories seem hopelessly optimistic whilst some are wonderfully insightful. More importantly for me, and this is a rare talent for a cultural theorist, his style is accessible, journalistic and at times, at least in this translation by Nancy Ann Roth, poetic. I must say I wonder what he would have made of the web, I suspect he would have seen it as a manifestation of the proliferation of technical images, but I speculate.

    2012-06-15 by Charlie Harvey
  • Content Strategy for the Web, by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach

    Some interesting insights in this book but its businessy style grated on me a bit. Nevertheless it gave me a bit of insight into an aspect of the interwebs that I don't noremally consider much.

    2012-06-15 by Charlie Harvey
  • Broken, by Karin Slaughter

    After Judith Butler’s Frames of War last month I felt the need to read something a bit more chilled. My dad had left Broken after a visit. I felt that it read like a sort of dark Mills and Boon novel. Maybe a bit too lightweight for me.

    2012-06-15 by Charlie Harvey


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