Charlie Harvey

July 2012 Reading

  • Introducing Fractals – a graphic guide, by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, Will Rood and Ralph Edney

    I am a big fan of the "Introducing" series. If you want to get your head around some topic in a general way without too much detail they are perfect. The Fractals book is pretty much what you would expect. That said I was rather disappointed that it didn’t explore the maths in greater depth.

    2012-07-31 by Charlie Harvey
  • Heroes and Villains, by Angela Carter

    A dark and unsettling fairy tale of a novel. It felt like Mad Max meets the Brothers Grimm. Beautifully written and really, really dark.

    2012-07-14 by Charlie Harvey
  • Peace, Love and Petrol Bombs, by D.D.Johnston

    A novel about a working-class Scottish lad who gets involved in the Anarcho scene, falls in love (and out of love), and sometimes has a job at a burger joint. It had its moments, I mostly enjoyed the funnier bits, rather than the corny boy meets girl love story bit. But I guess you need a narrative, innit?

    2012-07-09 by Charlie Harvey


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