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  • More haskell morse code. This time with audio!

    Today I added audio support to the morse translator that I made yesterday. There ought to be a screencast of me demoing it, but screenr is being a dick, as it sometimes is for no discernable reason. I found the admirably minimalistic Data.WAVE library with a little bit of searching. This

  • Let’s make morse code with Haskell

    Let’s make morse code with Haskell cover image

    Recently, nor and I went with her family to Bletchley Park. Nor’s grandmother used to be a radio operator at what we think was one of the Y stations, near Leighton Buzzard. She spent her time transmitting and receiving coded messages in morse code — in 5 character blocks of apparently

  • Using modsecurity with RBLs to mitigate comment spam

    Recent weeks have brought a pile of new comment spam on this site. I’ve explored a few ways of mitigating the amount of crap I receive, and hpoefully wasting some spammer bandwidth. This includes various lookups that are built into the code that runs the site, dodgy posts get timed out for a

  • Using from Bash

    I recently learned of a new web publishing tool called, which lets you publish stories to a custom url by sending email to a particular email address. Quite a nifty idea.The service is a model of minimalist, yet highly functional design. The simplest thing that could possibly work, you

  • The home office of the future (1967)

    Snarkasm, aka @wendy_ferguson on Twitter suggested this telling video, which is a 1967 glimpse of the home office of the future.Cheesy lounge jazz and anachronistic gender politics aside —the husband will arrange the financing of the wife’s purchases — the content is rather

  • Review — Thorn Brook Premium Craft Cider

    Review — Thorn Brook Premium Craft Cider cover image

    My local co-op occasionally stocks an interesting cider. And this looked to be one. Despite the slightly wanky name. I am not sure when or why the word premium has crept into being an acceptable thing to say on a cider bottle. Whilst craft just seems to be something that you can prep

  • The Kids Guide to the Internet (1997)

    My new favourite video is this historical document, circa 1997. An almost unbelievably straight, white bourgeois American family espouse the virtues of cyber surfing in virtual reality.Whilst the outfits and the tech are certainly amusingly anachronistic, what the film really reminded me

  • May 2014 Reading

    Gerrard Winstanley has become, in recent years, a revered figure on the left, especially in anarcho and socialist circles. Gurney charts his life, contributions and how those contributions have been interpreted in a

  • PiPhone: A smartphone made of a Raspberry Pi

    A seriously cool idea this; making a smartphone out of a Raspberry Pi. A guy called Dave Hunt put together the PiPhone, using a 2.8 inch adafruit TFT touchscreen and a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module. The result is pretty sweet as you can see from the video.Dave did a PiPhone writeup on his sit