Charlie Harvey

Conspire-o-matic: A twitter conspiracy theory generating thing

I was having a conversation the other day with oxguin and nor, the gist of which was that it would funny to invent a conspiracy theory generator. Regular readers will know that I have been playing around with Haskell for a while, so I figured I would bosh one up in that. At some point. Well, it is a couple of weeks later and I had a Sunday afternoon free. So I made a conspire-o-matic.

the truth is out there

The original plan was to use something like hs-twitter or twitter-conduit to hook directly in to the Twitter API. But apparently there are spammers on Twitter. Spammers who don’t know how to acquire a mobile phone. That is to say that twitter now require you to use two-factor auth to post tweets through their API. Not good if you don’t happen to own a state tracking/constant annoying interruption device.

So I had to go a different route. I decided the easiest things would be to generate a feed and update my bot’s twitter account with that. I would normally use Twitterfeed to send my feed to twitter, but thought I would try for a change. It has a quicker UI and is rather more pleasant to use. I will update you on how well it works.

In the meantime, please follow Conspiracy Jen (@conspireomatic) for batshit mental (and perhaps occasionally NSFW) conspiracy tweets. Or track it with the widget here.


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