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Review — Thorn Brook Premium Craft Cider

Picture of a bottle of thorn brook medium craft cider

My local co-op occasionally stocks an interesting cider. And this looked to be one. Despite the slightly wanky name. I am not sure when or why the word premium has crept into being an acceptable thing to say on a cider bottle. Whilst "craft" just seems to be something that you can prepend to any comestible in order to capture the hipster demographic.

Nevertheless, this cider was one relatively local to me, coming as it does from the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. The makers, Anthony Harrison and Josephine Harrison of The Little Orchrd Company say that they wanted to do something "more outdoorsy" than their respective jobs of software engineer and biochemist, and I believe that they made a good decision.

The cider is in a clear 500ml bottle with a plain white label. The typography is a little on the band side (helvetica and some novelty font for the logo), with sme nice god highlights. The cider itself is the lighest of light yellows. Popping the cap gives you a ty bit of fizz that soon settles.

Though it originates in Oxfordshire, Thorn Brook is a Kentish style cider — made with dessert apples. It packs a middling 5.4% ABV punch. The taste is sharp and light. More like a granny smith than a coxs. There is a little bit of fizz, but the taste stays true — light, bittersharp and throroughly refreshing.

My flatmate Manishta reckoned that this would be a great cider for a summer barbeque. I thoroughly agree. I look forward to sampling some of The Little Orchard Company’s wares.

2014-05-11 by Charlie Harvey


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