Charlie Harvey

Bad sex media? Bingo!

The way that the media portrays sexuality is problematic. And there is a great project that points out the problems with the media view of sexuality over at Bad Sex Media Bingo. So Nor and I made an interactive version of it which now lives at

Bad Sex Media Bing screenshot

How we made it

We made it using HTML5 boilerplate, CSS3 and a few bits of javascript and jquery. The interesting bits are all there in the source. The whole site is a sigle html page which pulls I bootstrap and some scripts. Easy enough. And it was actually very fun to work on such a simple site. The domain was originally going to be, but as it turns out the IO people are rather prudish, so we went with .tv which is sort of appropriate given that the whole site is about media portrayals of sexuality. The whole thing took two of us working on it for about a day. And we had fun :-)


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