Charlie Harvey

Debian Tip: Get Adobe Air working on 64—bit Squeeze

Lots of people seem to want to develop applications on the decidedly unfree Adobe Air platform. They provide a .deb for 32 bit systems but not for 64 bit systems. I wanted to check out some software from the dark side, and took a while to suss out what the provided deb needed to make it run. It was the ia32-libs of course! I’d forgotten I don’t have them on my work machine since upgrading to Squeeze. In the end, this worked.# aptitude install ia32-libs ia32-libs-gtk # dpkg -i --force-architecture adobeair.deb

As it turned out the software from the darkside wasn’t all that great, so I uninstalled air thus. I’d encourage you to do the same when you see unfree software on your machine ;-)# dpkg -P adobeair


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