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  • A Short(ish) Guide to Searching the Web Securely

    One of the things that most of us do every day is searching for stuff on the web. Modern search engines are great for finding random wikipedia entries or videos of snowboarding crows. But search engine companies aren’t entirely respectful of our right to privacy. In fact they make a living by

  • Chart: Who loots more MPs or rioters?

    In the followup to the riots that hit the UK earlier in the week, MPs have been trying to out-authoritarian one another. However, we should remember that many of the people doing the name calling here are guilty of some looting of their own. I thought it would be of interest to compare their loo

  • Cidered up techs in a field? Must be BarnCamp 2011!

    This post is a slightly edited version of the BarnCamp 2011 blog post, which appeared on New Internationalist's tech blog. I am a big fan of the BarnCamp.I first went along to what was then called the Hacktionlabin 2009, and found a unique combination of stunningly gorgeouscountryside,

  • Anti-cuts video from the grassroots

    The visionOntv are providing these grassroots anti-cuts videos in advance of the 26 March demo. Nice one.Loading grassroots uncut video feed … jwplayer(grassroots_ukuncut_player).setup({ flashplayer:

  • Video: Richard Stallman — A Free Digital Society

    Richard Stallman is something of a legend. He singlehandedly launched the Free Software movement, and the GNU project and has been campaigning for software freedom for almost as long as there have been usable home computers. I jumped at the opportunity to see him talk at the Institution of Engineer

  • Tech Tools For Activists Booklet

    Note: This article originally appeared on the New Internationalist Tech Blog and is reused under a Creative Commons Licence Given recent revelations of police spying on activists, the takedown of the fitwatch blog and the increasing use by police of social networking tools like facebook