Charlie Harvey

Cidered up techs in a field? Must be BarnCamp 2011!

This post is a slightly edited version of the BarnCamp 2011 blog post, which appeared on New Internationalist's tech blog.

I am a big fan of the BarnCamp. I first went along to what was then called the Hacktionlab in 2009, and found a unique combination of stunningly gorgeous countryside, eco-friendly living, and tech activism. I went back in 2010 when the event changed its name to Barncamp 2010 and found a new focus on accessibility for non-techs, introducing a "nerd gag" for excessively jargonistic geekery.

The 2011 Barncamp promises to be bigger and better than ever. It's going to be held across three days with Hack Sessions on building live indymedia tools and aggregating with Drupal. And with workshops on setting up an anonymous blogging network, HTML5 and citizen journalism to mention but a few. And of course there will be lots of lovely cider round the fire. You should book your place at BarnCamp today!


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