Charlie Harvey

2012 Bradford Hacktionlab Gathering Drupal Session

This year’s winter hacktionlab happened at Bradford’s lovely 1 in 12 Club. Here is my notes/writeup of the Saturday morning Drupal session.

Saturday Morning Drupal Clinic

Our heads were a little muzzy pre-meeting. Fortunately a bit of raveoke livened us up a bit. Mick Fuzz explained the two different approaches that you can take to getting reveoke subtitles showing up in VLC; using seperate mp4 and SRT files and VLC’s autofinding, or embedding both into a matroska container.

1in12 club picture

We bimbled into the Drupal session proper with Mike who talked about his Drupal work at Timber Windows, covering how to write modules and how he’d managed to integrate their legacy perl/php backend with a shiny new Drupal frontend.

I gave a brief overview of the mapping project that I’ve been working on, including the UK postcode lookup module I wrote. Suggestions for extra functionalty included users being able to add POIs to OpenLayers maps.

Mick Fuzz gave a brief overview of CiviCRM, which he’d set up for Sunseed. He mentioned the CiviCRM FLOSS manual that covered it well. This led on to an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of tracking mail users behaviour and the prevalence of tracking more widely.

And with that we moved on to having a cracking 1 in 12 lunch. This afternoon we’ll have some more geeky activist tech sessions. Have a look on the experimental Hacktionlab blogs page or check out the wiki for more.


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