Charlie Harvey

New Year, New Website

Huzzah! At 13:00 UTC 2013-12-31 I launched the redesigned version of So far it hasn’t broken that badly. But give it time.

I have been blogging the redesign process for the last few months.

Here are some of the new things about the site that I hope make it nicer to use (and easier to maintain). Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • It is fully responsive. So you can read it on whatever device you happen to have handy. Hopefully.
  • It uses HTML5 and CSS3 — this just means that the actual code for the site is a bit more up to date. I will miss XHTML its anal-ness kept the quality of my markup high!
  • There are proper RSS and Atom feeds and a Content API, making it easier to subscribe to my stuff or mash it up with other people’s.
  • The typography should be easier to read, and there is less fiddly stuff to get in the way of what I believe usability folks call "the reading experience". Bye-bye sidebar, hello Libre Baskerville.
  • It’s got proper social media share buttons. Because people like that sort of stuff.
  • All of the code that I’ve developed is free software. Meaning that you are free to copy, study and redistribute it.
  • I’ve focussed on making the navigation simpler. I hope that it makes more sense now.

Anyhow I’m off now to drink a glass of something fizzy and celebrate a new year and a new website. Cheers!


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