Charlie Harvey

February 2013 Reading

  • User Centred Design, by Travis Lowdermilk

    Less jargony and more in-depth than Lean UX, Lowdermilk covers usability, using design principles and working closely with your users to make things that work for them.

    2014-02-21 by Charlie Harvey
  • Lean UX, by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seidan

    Pretty well written overview of taking a lean approach to user experience. So not just a clever name. I found that there wasn’t as much depth as I might have liked in this, but if you are after a short, mostly practical guide to doing UX in an agile environment this would probably do you.

    lean ux cover
    2014-02-08 by Charlie Harvey
  • How to do things with words, by J.L. Austin

    I have been wanting to read Austin’s work for some time, it gets mentioned very frequently in the works of lots of other philosophers. He investigates performative speech acts which, unlike true/false statements, are acts where the speech act is part of an action — things like saying I bet you that…. Interesting but rather dry.

    2014-02-08 by Charlie Harvey
  • Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy, by Manuel DeLanda

    Unlike most of the pieces I have read on Deleuze, which focus on the philosophical content of Deleuze’s work, DeLanda sets out to explain the scientific and mathematical underpinnings of Deleuze’s work. I found this book incredibly useful. It unpacks some very dense conceptual work that underlies Deleuze and which he takes as axiomatic that the reader is already familiar with. DeLanda writes cogently and as accessibly as possible, given that we cover subjects as diverse as calculus, topology and group theory. In the first chapter. Hardcore.

    2014-02-02 by Charlie Harvey


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