Charlie Harvey

Video: ORGCon Open BBC Session

In case you haven’t noticed their "Protect Your Bits" poster in the background of the IT Crowd, let me introduce the Open Rights Group. The work they’re doing on digital civil rights is crucial to everyone who values freedom or privacy on the interwebs. Not just activists and geeks but everyone who doesn’t want to see the UK sleepwalk into a surveillance society. They had a conference, ORGCon in London on 24 July and this is the Open BBC session from that conference with Tony Curzon Price from OpenDemocracy, Mo McRoberts, and David Tomlinson. With Cory Doctorow facilitating.

Cory wrote a great article about the BBC’s plans to encrypt its metadata in the Guardian a few months back. Basically the beeb want to use their position to allow them to excercise control over what devices can receive their broadcasts. That’s bad for hardware makers, people who rely on assistive technologies and free/open source software users. And ultimately for everyone.

Apologies for the shaky camerawork. I am not a journo ;-)


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