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Review — Keane’s Premium Cider

Keane's Premium Cider Review

Magners. That's a social phenomenon. And not necessarily one which the dedicated ciderist should be keen to embrace. I tend to think that cider that requires ice is, let's say problematic. If you really must make the stuff cold before you can drink it it implies that you are likely to be drinking proper drek.

Keane's Premium Cider Bottle with Daffs

So it was with some trepidation that I decided to review Keane's Premium Cider. Keane's is designed as a competitor to Magners -- an 'over ice cider'. The makers, Landmark Wholesale say, "The premium cider market is extremely popular with our customers". I’m not making this shit up. Here's what the Off-Licence News says of the cider:

Keane's has 4.5% abv and aims to give Landmark's independent retailer members an own-label alternative to brands such as Magners, Bulmers Original and Maguires.

Ummmm. OK. Anyhow, I decided to do a review for you lovely readers — there are some of you, honest! My local independent offy was fresh out of White Lightning (sorry Simmie) and didn't have any proper ciders. So, dear readers I was left with no choice.

Keane's is not that bad as a sort of supping cider. Its got that orangey colour characteristic of Magners and perhaps less so of Bulmers. It was very fizzy along with very orange. So, something like the cider equivalent of orangeade. Don't get me wrong. I’m not saying its a bad cider. Just not especially inspiring.

The taste is interesting. They haven't exactly gone for the whole "saturate with saccharin" angle like Strongbow, but this isn't a dry cider by any stretch of the imagination. We are somewhere on the sweet side of medium. Not especially appley, and definite hint of sulpherousness, especially when drinking without ice. There's almost a viscosity which the bubbles accentuate.

This is the sort of cider that you might drink as an alternative to the real deal at some sort of social occasion where it was that or lager perhaps. But if you're after a weaker cider and you have any choice at all, try the Aspalls Draught. You won't need the ice and you won't feel like you’ve been drinking orangeade!

2011-03-12 by Charlie Harvey


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