Charlie Harvey

Review — Westons Organic

My local pub started selling Westons Organic cider a few months ago. I’m feeling pretty lucky about it I can tell you. Though mass produced, it's a real cider, made from fruit rather than concentrate. It has a nice balance between bitttersweet apple and booze. Its fairly heavy; more a cider for a cold winter night round the fire than for prancing round a sunny festival with.

You'll want more than one bottle of this moorish supping cider, though at 6.5 percent you'd be sensible not to drink more than a few. However, sensibleness is a somewhat overrated virtue and one which you may find curiously absent after imbibing "more than a few". The hangover is muzzy with a hint of lingering ennui. But not enough to stop you wanting to crack another bottle the following evening.


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