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Review — Cotswold Cider

Cotswold Cider from the Cotswold Brewing company

It being the weekend nor and I went for a mega bimble up to Headington; nor to draw and me just for the bimble really. We stopped off at Jacobs and Field, which is a swanky delicatessen type of gaff. They sell bottles of Cotswold Cider; an obvious opportunity for a cheeky "review de cidre" (as the French almost certainly don’t call it).

bottle of cotswold cider sitting on the table with a glass next to it

The website of the Cotswold Brewing Company is a flash-based waste of time, that contains virtually no information, but presents it with beautifully animated graphics. Which is a shame, because the cider ain’t half bad.

Cotswold cider comes in at about 5% ABV and is hazy, light-bodied and a little on the thin side. It has a good mouth-drying astringency balanced by a little bit of sweetness. Perfect for a sunny Autumn day such as the one on which I was sampling the stuff.

Despite being cloudy, this isn’t the sort of cider to knock your socks off, more a light and mellow slow-drinking cider. There is a little bit of a hiss when you pour the golden-coloured cider, but don’t expect a fizzy drink. Cotswold cider has roots in the West Country, even though it doesn’t have the body or strength or concentrated malice of a Farm cider or a scrumpy.

The finish is light and a little dry. A little bit furry and a little bit farmyardy with maybe just a touch of vinegar in there. Overall a good, solid light cider with a bit of a West Country feel but with out the muscularity of a real farmyard scrumpy.

2012-10-07 by Charlie Harvey


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