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Review — Ciderniks Ten Years After

I am pretty excited to try this cider out. I had mentioned some time ago to my work colleague Pete that I thought Ciderniks made some pretty ace ciders and bless him, he bought me a few bottles for a birthday treat.

This year I am trying to be efficient at reviewing ciders, so they have actually been sat on my desk at work for a while. Not sure what sort of image that portrays to passers by. Whatever. Well, the fine spring weather put me in the mood for some cider reviewing, so I am currently sampling a special 10 year ciderversary bottle.

Bottle of ciderniks ten years after: cider from kintbury, berkshire

As I mentioned, I am already a fan of Ciderniks work, you can read my reviews of his Combe Raider and Kingston Black from recent years. So, Ten Years After has a lot to live up to.

The name is a nod to blues/rock guitarist Alvin Lee, who died in 2013 — the year when Ten Years After was bottled. He made an album called Ten Years After, you see.

Ten Years After is slightly hazy and a straw yellow in colour. It comes in a 500ml clear bottle with the standard Ciderniks label. It pours quietly with no fizz and doesn’t bubble in the glass.

The taste is nicely fruity, with plenty of bite. Sharp and a bit sour, but in a good way, like cooking apples. There is a bit of freshness on the palate as well as some oaky astringency. Really distinctive in character, Ten Years After feels nicely alcoholic (at 6.5% it should!)

This is the business. Once more a great cider from Kintbury.

2015-02-22 by Charlie Harvey


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