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Review — Gwynt Y Ddraig Celtic Warrior

Gwynt Y Ddraig Celtic Warrior at the Far From The Madding Crowd Cider Festival

It was something of a surprise to me to wander in to the pub for a cheeky pint after browsing round Blackwells to be greated by a bar serving 24 — count ’em, 24 — different ciders. Such was the joyous sight that I beheld upon entering the Far From the Madding Crowd pub. Time was limited. Nevertheless, a friendly and slightly slurry fellow customer recommended the Celtic Warrior. Who was I to disagree?

The last cider from Gwynt Y Ddraig that I reviewed was their summery 4.9 percenter, Orchard Gold. It was a lovely light and mellow brew and I vowed to try more of Gwynt Y Ddraig’s wares.

In the glass, Celtic Warrior is on the redder side of golden, flat as a real cider should be and weighs in at a decent 6%. Its rather sweeter than I’d typically go for. The texture is syrupy and full bodied, not so much of the complexity you would get with a scrumpy, but good suppin' nonetheless.

The guide that was on the bar says that Celtic Warrior has And exquisite rich and golden colour[...] with a crisp, medium taste. I would put it well on the sweet side of medium and I didn't find it sharp enough to call it crisp in any meaningful sense. However, it was again another good, solid cider from the Gwynt Y Ddraig presses.

I intend to visit the Far From The Madding Crowd tomorrow for more cider-adventures!

2012-10-07 by Charlie Harvey


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