Charlie Harvey

October 2013 Reading

  • Statistics, An Introduction Using R

    The second of a couple of books I am reading about stats and the R language to support the Coursera I’m doing at the moment. In contrast to Navarros book which was a free PDF, I paid for this one. I felt that it read very much like notes and assumed a level of knowledge that I didn't quite have. This probably means that it is slightly beyond my level or that it needs a bit more explanation of concepts as they are introduced.

    2013-10-01 by Charlie Harvey
  • Learning Stats with R — A tutorial for psychology students and other beginners (version 0.3) by Daniel Navarro.

    I’m doing a coursera on stats and the R data analysis language at the moment and so trying to read round the subject. Daniel Navarro has put together a really useful website and a freely downloadable textbook on stats and R over atLearning statistics with R. I am enjoying Navarro’s style and found his book extremely useful. In contrast to the Statistics, An Introdution, I feel that Nanvarro is explaining everything that is going on really well, which means that I have been skipping some parts, but finding others invaluable.

    2013-10-01 by Charlie Harvey


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