Charlie Harvey

September 2013 Reading

  • An Atheist Manifesto by Joseph Lewis

    Old fashioned but passionate rant against the idiocy of (especially Christian) religion and the enormous harm it has done. The rhetoric is quite grating and some of the arguments put forward are strawmannish, but still an enjoyable read especially given it is only 20 pages long.

    2013-09-27 by Charlie Harvey
  • My Man Jeeves by PG Woodehouse

    Pure wonderful fun entertainment.

    2013-09-27 by Charlie Harvey
  • The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf

    Woolf’s tale of a young naïve young artist’s coming of age on a sort ofmythical island in South America was not one I especially enjoyed. It is all about the characters, who are an odd bunch of bourgeois types apparently based on people Woolf knew in real life. Much less enjoyable than A room of one’s own.

    2013-09-27 by Charlie Harvey
  • What Is Property? by Pierre Joseph Proudhon

    Much to my shame I’ve never read the classic of the 19th century Anarchist prophet. Proudhon tries to make the case that property has two senses, possession and property. Property is (and this is where the phrase comes from) theft, as it cannot but be distributed unevenly and this uneven distribution must be preserved by force. Its fascinating to read, but rather anachronistic in its style. You get the impression that Proudhon was a bit of a twat. At least that is how his writing makes him come across.

    2013-09-08 by Charlie Harvey
  • Online Marketing Inside Out, by Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley

    Another work book, it takes you through the basics of marketing online. Too basic for me, and somewhat outdated.

    2013-09-08 by Charlie Harvey


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