Charlie Harvey

March 2013 Reading

  • Comrades, by Marco Antonio Flores

    A recent translation of this Guatemalen novel of the mid 70s, it reads like Joyce and indeed references him a few times. Its also uncomfortably misogynistic at times, brutal, occasionally funny, and very moving. Oh and heavy going. I really need to read something lighter next.

    2013-03-26 by Charlie Harvey
  • Why we build, by Rowan Moore

    I don’t often read about architecture, but we were having a clear out at work and to be honest I liked the cover typography on this advance copy of this tome. Moore writes beautifully about architecture, telling stories to illustrate points. He examines the complex emotional relationships we have with the spaces we inhabit and the way that architecture interacts with the society which creates and surrounds it.

    2013-03-17 by Charlie Harvey
  • Developing Web Applications with Yesod and Haskell, by Michael Snoyman

    Yesod is a scalable, performant, flexible web framework made from Haskell. It does all the sorts of things that one might expect from a modern framework — scaffolding for yur site, DSLs for templating, support for RES and so on. Snoyman writes clearly, though by necessity the book can’t cover everything that you might need to know. I managed to build a pastebin site called using the examples from this book, along with a lot of Googling. I should get round to writing a tutorial sometime soon.

    2013-03-17 by Charlie Harvey


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