Charlie Harvey

March 2012 Reading

  • The Telekommunist Manifesto, by Dmytri Kleiner

    I picked this up at the Unlike Us conference in Amsterdam. It is a solid critique of the political economy of capitalist tech of the wired type. His dismantling of the Free Culture movement is useful and perceptive.

    2012-03-17 by Charlie Harvey
  • Learn you a Haskell for Great Good, by Miran Lipovča

    I got introduced to Haskell as part of my seven languages in seven weeks adventure. Its such a strange and slightly insane beast that I just had to find out more. Lipovča writes entertainingly and accessibly. But the subject is inherently complex and I struggled with some of the content conceptually. I’m also a big fan of worked examples; there are a few here but I would have got on better if there had been a few longer code samples. I realise of course that others would hate that. Its a taste thing. Overall a fab book and worth acquiring the paper version if only to keep the free online Learn You A Haskell book, umm free and online.

    2012-03-05 by Charlie Harvey


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