Charlie Harvey


Social Media Manager

Very informative website ... I have bookmarked it and will return often!

I have only recently started working with social media, I started our Twitter account in November of 2015, but I did not really start working with it until January of this year ... and I completely missed out on TwitterFeed :(

I am using Hootsuite for social media posts, which has an auto-poster built into it ... but I have been too leery to trust it to pick out suitable articles as of yet.

Which brings a question to mind ... how did you go about selecting the articles that you eventually posted to Twitter? Also, has your program ever posted an article that you were not happy with, or do you review the articles before actually posting them?

I have always been fascinated with programming and always wanted to learn more about it, but unfortunately, I just have never had the time or opportunity to pursue it in depth! I was able to play around with a PLC while taking classes for E.E.T. but that is a different beast totally.

I wrote a very simple program waaaay back in the day with BASIC, which made a sprite I created that resembled a crude stick figure (pixels were about the size of concrete blocks then lol) ... "run" across the screen while playing "music" and flashing different colored backgrounds. I have also made tweaks to some coding now and then while working on websites ... but sadly ... that is about the extent of my coding experience! :