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  • Clojure — Day Zero: VimClojure on Debian Squeeze

    I spent quite a while trying to save time on getting a nice Clojure development setup working on my Debian Squeeze box. As it turned out I should have spent some extra moments doing the right thing rather than hoping a quick hack would work. Here's my notes on how to get VimClojure working on Squee

  • January 2012 Reading

    I’m not a typography nerd. Got it? Well, OK, perhaps I am. A bit. Nerds and non-nerds alike will enjoy Lupton’s wonderful book. It manages to be entertaining and informative without feeling too didactic. The coverage of the history of

  • 2012 Reading

    Here’s all the books that I read in 2012, by month. On the each month's page there’s quick review or synopsis of each book.

  • Erlang — Day Three

    Its the last day of 2011, the yuletide festivities are over and I am on a mission to get Erlang wrapped. Today's installment focussed on concurrency, message processing, some of the Erlang's process monitoring, and IPC. It was all a bit boggling for me. But sort of cool. The excercises introduced m

  • Review — Thistly Cross Ginger

    Let me begin with an apology. This week I couldn't be arsed with a picture. Quel unprofessionalisme! as they would no doubt exclaim in France. And why the slackness? Christmas cards, that's why. Thistly Cross, the Scottish cidersmiths, echo my Ch

  • Erlang — Day Two

    Erlang day two wasn't quite as swearing free as Erlang day one. You see I tend to swear when I’m stuck or baffled by syntax. And I git stuck a bit on the bonus problem. Turns out that putting []s round my variable made everything turn out nice. Who knew?Day two looks at branching, anony

  • Erlang — Day One

    Bruce Tate introduces Erlang as making hard things easy and easy things hard. Which isn't entirely fair I guess, given that the things it makes hard are hard for good reason. Mutability is hard, but something to be avoided in concurrent systems, which is the area where Erlang's sweet spot is loca

  • Tip: Latest Chromium Browser on Debian Squeeze

    Update 2013-02-15 Since this article was written the PPA I list has got frozen at version 18 of chromium. If you want something newer and shinier, you should replace the sources.list line with deb lucid main and replace the apt-key command with sudo

  • Scala — Day Three

    Day three and I’m now sort of getting the hang of Scala. Either that or the excercise is easier! I think that in learning about the neat text processing tricks that Scala allows, it helped me to click with it a bit more than in previous days. I’ve also started to get more used to the ty

  • Scala — Day Two

    It all seemed so straightforward at first. And it was. Until I needed to split an array into key value pairs for the second excercise. I spent about two hours trying to find a nice way f doing that. I’m not entirely happy with the way I came up with, but it works at least.The scala synta