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  • On safari with the feral rich

    The New Internationalist recently published a great issue, about the Feral Rich. Given the rivers of bile that the likes of the Daily Mail seem to enjoy spewing forth at the poor, it is rather nice to see the shoe on the other foot for once. This cartoon follows the rich on a fiscal safari. Great

  • Daily Mail Story Generator

    I was at the Climate Camp, reading the Evening Standard's account of how militants intended to hijack the camp to eat babies or something when it occurred to me that Daily Mail, Express and Standard journos could be replaced by a relatively trivial perl script. So, may I present the Daily Mail

  • My Geek Codes

    How to tell the world you are a geek, you ask? Use the universal Geek code! Using this special code will allow you to let other un-closeted geeks know who you are in a simple, codified statement... The Universal Geek Code PageSo here's mine.-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLO

  • Spinal Text

    I wanted to learn how to write a firefox extension. This is it! Spinal Text - an extension to turn your text up to ELEVEN! It won't work on all pages, after all its just a learning project. I’ll probably redo it properly one day! WTF? see the Spinal Tap fan site

  • Pong

    Looks like your browser doesn't like Java. Sorry about that. You could try and download the plugin This is a 2 person java version of the all time classic Pong. It's fairly simple, but it does require a >=1.2 java plugin. You can download the source code un

  • Space Invaders

    You need java here! You can download it at no cost from Sun, who probably have a trademark on java or something. I wrote this for fun and to learn and practicedesign patterns. You can download (tar.bzip2) and use it under the terms of the