Charlie Harvey

Post Entries From RSS and Atom Feeds to Diaspora with


This is hosted on Gitorious now. I thought I would give gitorious a whirl anyhow, so you can find the latest version of feed2diasp over there.

I've just got myself set up on Diaspora. Which is a wonderful project by the way. I'm well chuffed that there is finally a vaguely secure way to socially network that puts me in control of my personal data. I've also heard good things about Friendica, but I've not tried it.

One feature that I rather like, which hasn't been implemented in Diaspora yet is the ability to feed in RSS feeds of the other stuff you've been doing on the interwebs. So, this is a first crack at letting you post your RSS feed to your Diaspora pod,

You should be able to set it up based on the content of the README file ( or perldoc ./ if you like that sort of thing). You'll need Perl 5.10.0 installed and some stuff from the CPAN, again instructions in the README. You do the config in json format in feed2diasp.json - I'll try and think of a way round you having to store your password in there. For now you may want to keep it on an encrypted partition.

The script ought to work with RSS and Atom feeds. Under the hood it uses XML::Feed to do that. I'd love to hear any feedback you have on the script. Please bear in mind that I can't guarantee being able to support it, especially for windows and mac users. But I will try and respond if you contact me.