Charlie Harvey

What Will George Osborne Cut Next?

Here's a cool project. Helping the lovely folks at No Shock Doctrine For Britain to build a random George Osborne "cut generator", called What Will George Cut Today? to highlight the absurdity of the new UK Chancellor's unjust and unnecessary budget cuts.

No Shock Doctrine For Britain are fighting the savage cuts to public services that Osborne wants to impose on us, and his twisted vision of an Age of Austerity. The cut generator is a joke that makes a serious point. Arbitrarily targeting cuts in public services at the working class is unjust, unnecessary and unhelpful. It only serves the interests of capital.

Here's a nice video breaking down the global crisis from a Marxist position by my namesake David Harvey.

Here's how No Shock Doctrine For Britain describe the situation.

The Shock Doctrine has been a tool of Conservative and Neo-Liberal Governments around the world where disasters are used as an excuse to push through radical right wing policies.

In Britain, over the last 18 months, the Conservative Party has used the recession as an excuse to build a case for massive cuts to public services.The new British Government is about to try to force through these massive and un-needed cuts to our public services in an emergency budget.

Britain has massive assets, long term debts, and very low taxes. There is no need to destroy the public services it has taken 100 years to build up in this country, and on which the majority of us depend.Join the fight, today.

My job was to make a simple cut generator something like my Daily Mail Story Generator (code), but in php. It was brilliant working with Siân Berry, Pete Speller, and the crew. I had a blast!


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