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Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

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  • Io — Day One

    After getting Io installed, I am feeling a little smug with myself. I don't know if its just because the language is so different, or because I’ve had a beer or what but the Io introductory material seems more complex than that for Ruby. However, looking back at what was covered I suspect tha

  • Io — Day 0, setting it up on Debian

    Well, it has been a while since Ruby, so I thought it was time to have a crack at the next of the my Seven Languages In Seven Weeks challenges, its time to play with Io. As it turns out Io was a bit of a faff to install on Debian Squeeze. So I’ve written up a day 0 tute on how to do just th

  • Ruby — Day Three

    The last day is definitely the most fun. We get to play with metaprogramming with one bigger question, of which more shortly. My reflections on Ruby were it was cool to catch up with the language. I’d sort of forgotten quite how nifty it was to play with. For my money its more Perlish than th

  • Ruby — Day Two

    The second day of Ruby picks up the pace a bit, mostly focussing on the nice bits of sugar that Ruby provides and the excercises give you a chance to play with them a bit. Find out how to access files with and without blocks.#!/usr/bin/ruby -w# without blockcou

  • Ruby — Day One

    As I said, Ruby is a language I know pretty well already, so this is a gentle introduction for me. Tate compares Ruby to Mary Poppins — magical and fun. I hated that film. But I take the point. The excercises are pretty trivial, but here are my answers.Print the str