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Seven Languages In Seven Weeks

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  • Haskell — Day Three

    The last day of my seven languages odyssey has been without doubt the most brain frying of all. I needed to spend about four days of fairly intense study to get close to a viable maze solver. Even now I doubt very much that its anything more than a naïve and buggy implementation. Still, the good

  • Haskell — Day Two (Part Two)

    Well, I thought that I’d have the time to do all the extra credit excercises for Haskell Day Two. But as it turned out I got stuck on the justify some text question. I guess this sort of question gets easier, but I couldn’t get the structure I wanted — a list of two tuples of

  • Haskell — Day Two

    Day two of the Haskell section has been once again very challenging for me. I’m sure that some of the conceptual territory would be easier to navigate were I a proper mathematician. But, after some head/keyboard bashing and rather more than my usual couple of hours allotted to Seven Languag

  • Haskell — Day One

    The final of the seven languages is Haskell and so far it feels nice. Gone are Clojure's brackets and back to front syntax. Haskell is much more Erlang-esque, which may just be the module declarations and the list comprehensions. It even feels a little perlish with ::s and $s here and there. Tate

  • Clojure — Day Three

    I suppose it was inevitable after my cockiness on day two that day three should be a challenging one. I felt very stretched; mostly I was getting stuck on syntax, though. The actual coding was great fun. I’ve come rather to like Clojure; I definitely think it’ll be one of the languages I

  • Clojure — Day Two

    Today’s excercises seemed a little more straightforward than in previous languages. I may be simply getting brainier, of course. I doubt that. It is something of a lightning tour that we take through Clojure; a lot of stuff gets covered in a little time. The chapter covers recursion, incl

  • Clojure — Day One

    There's been a brief hiatus in my Clojure week. Mostly due to me being knackered after some hardcore work days. In the last instalment I got my basic VimClojure environment set up. After that particular mission Day One’s excercises seemed almost trivial. I expect things to become more diffi

  • Clojure — Day Zero: VimClojure on Debian Squeeze

    I spent quite a while trying to save time on getting a nice Clojure development setup working on my Debian Squeeze box. As it turned out I should have spent some extra moments doing the right thing rather than hoping a quick hack would work. Here's my notes on how to get VimClojure working on Squee

  • Erlang — Day Three

    Its the last day of 2011, the yuletide festivities are over and I am on a mission to get Erlang wrapped. Today's installment focussed on concurrency, message processing, some of the Erlang's process monitoring, and IPC. It was all a bit boggling for me. But sort of cool. The excercises introduced m