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Review — Ross on Wye Traditional Farmhouse Cider

Ross on Wye Traditional Farmhouse Cider

This is another from my recent cache from Cider Club UK order. Ross on Wye is much more traditional cider country than Scotland or Berks.

The bottle informs me that Broome Farm, where the cider originates has been makikng the stuff for 70 years. The bottle opened with just a hint of pssss. Pouring the cider out I got a whoomph of fruitiness, immediately redolant of summer orchards and drunken festivals

Ross on Wye Traditional Farmhouse Cider, shot of bottle with opener in the foreground. Yum.

This is very much a still cider, pretty much zero head and just the tiniest of bubbles when you first pour. Orange-golden in colour Ross cider weighs in at a very drinkable 5% ABV.

The bottle pitches the cider as dry and still, but this is on the sweet end bittersweet. The aroma is made up of a fruitiness that seems to exceed mere appliness in shades of summer berries and syrup. The taste however, brings you right back into the realm of the tannin, with the gentlest hint of sharpness. Imagine mixing green tea, magners and strawberry icecream. But balanced and complex rather than minging and weird.

I was really bowled over this particular cider. It seems like the sort of cider that is just so much more interesting than a Magners or a Strongbow, but accessible and eminently suppable.

2011-11-14 by Charlie Harvey


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