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Review — Cidre le Brun in Paris

Picture of a bottle of cidre artisanal le brun cider

For my birthday jaunt this year I popped over to Paris with nor. It was pretty cool staying in a little airbnb place up near the Arc de Triomphe. And of course I wanted to try a little of le cidre local. Which was a bottle of "Le Cidre Artisanal Le Brun" from the G20 supermarket up the road. Because I exude class like that.

The cider comes in a nice, relatively unpretentious brown 75 cl bottle with a woman in a slightly peculiar hat apropos of, ummm, I guess the Bretagne style of the drink itself. It packs a respectable 5.5% which is not too bad for a French cider.

The colour is a nice orangey yellow with a reasonable fizz that settles rather quickly into a thin head. The cider is light-bodied and the smell is packed with intense appleyness. Kind of like apple juice from concentrate that you might get at the shop for your breakfast.

But that initial sweetness is slightly illusory. The actual taste is on the dry/bittersweet spectrum. A sort of hybrid of champagneyness and apple concentrate with just a hint of oak to back it up.

The producers have a charmingly translated website where I learned that they have been making cider since 1955 and that Le Brun cider company is making its best to elaborate quality ciders. Located in Brittany (France), we grow up always keeping our traditional know-how.

Having a bottle of this whilst watching twin peaks in a foreign land was a memorable experience, though I can’t for the life of me work out whether it was just the cider, or the combination of the company, the cider and the general air of Parisien je ne sais pas that made me enjoy it so much.

2014-01-17 by Charlie Harvey


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