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2013 site redesign

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  • SVG logo: half the size and better quality

    Its not that I’m a performance fanatic. But a fairly big part of the page weight on my new site is made up of the top logo. Which, until yesterday, was a jpg. Previously it had always been a png which seemed sharper to my eye. But it took 50 kilobytes, although it is cacheable that is still a

  • New Year, New Website

    Huzzah! At 13:00 UTC 2013-12-31 I launched the redesigned version of So far it hasn’t broken that badly. But give it time. I have been blogging the redesign process for the last few months. Here are some of the new things about the site that I hope make it nic

  • API Documentation, just about ready to launch

    A short update on my site redesign. I think that I am going to be able to make the beta version of this site into the live version of this site in time for 2014! I have just wrapped up documenting the Content API, and done some prelaunch tweaks. The Perl Dancer framework has been outstandingly ni

  • Beta site launched! Help me make it better.

    Exciting news! My my beta site is live on the interwebs now. You can even read this article on I decided to launch an incomplete version with bits missing and imcomplete in the hope of getting some feedback from the internets (i.e. you ;-) ). _H_Changing webhosts_

  • Redesign update — Code on gitorious

    Just a quick update today. I’ve got round to putting the Dancer code up on gitorious now, for anyone who is interested to nose about. Obviously I have made sure that config files are not present so it will no work as it is. And let’s face it the code is really onl

  • Video: Redesign — objectives

    I am blogging about redeveloping this site. A quick update on the comments subsystem and using the very cool mutable serializer in Dancer. Then I talk about some of the site objectives. I get cut off when saying the final objective which is just to make the site responsive. I guess I should add t

  • Video: Redesign — templates and typography

    I am planning to blog the process of redesigning and redeveloping this site. This is the first installment of the process. This week I am just focussing on how the site looks, and developing static blocks which can be included everywhere in the site. I’ve been using Twitter’s bootstrap